World War II Years at PMC

The war years presented PMC with both challenges and opportunities. In 1943, the junior and senior classes were called to active duty. Most of the juniors were near completion of their studies in an accelerated program and graduated with special “War Diplomas.” In June, 325 soldiers reported to PMC for Army Specialized Training.

In 1944, Colonel Frank K. Hyatt reported that the Corps consisted of 100 cadets, about two-thirds of which were preparatory students. The 1944 Commencement exercises were cancelled that year so that PMC could prepare for the arrival of a group of 225 Reserve students. By that time, the cadets had been trained as instructors. The next graduation was held in August 1945, and 1946 witnessed a mid-year graduation for cadets George E. Pranis and Norman J. Stein along with 47 ASTP students. After passage of the G.I. Bill in 1946, PMC began to enroll veterans as day and boarding students.

The first units assigned to PMC in 1943 were offered a standard college curriculum leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in engineering and chemistry. All ASPT students participated in physical training and military instruction, which followed basic R.O.T.C. course.