Symbolism of the Class Ring

Ring profile

The PMC class ring has been a cherished reminder of every cadet’s years at the school. The symbolism of the ring has been well documented and described to each class prior to receiving it. Unfortunately, memories fade, as do the meanings of the symbolism. The Handbook of Fourth Class Knowledge provides the following information.

Ring side BEach ring has an Eagle on either side. The head of one is looking to the past, and the other to the future. The head of the eagle looking to the past is larger than the one looking toward the future, because we can see more in the past than we can guess the future can hold.

On one side is a keystone. It represents the State of Pennsylvania, its pivotal role in determining independence, which described as the keystone vote, and being an early seat of government.

There are two crossed rifles behind the Keystone, which is where the year of graduation is found. These rifles stand for our continual fight to keep up with the times in order to successfully accomplish our mission.

Ring side AOn the other side is the Great Seal of the United States, which represents the power and might of our country.

A circle surrounds the Great Seal. This circle stands for our dedication and devotion, which is without beginning or end, to our country.

Behind the Great Seal there are two crossed sabers. These embody the proud tradition of PMC’s top-rated cavalry units.

Below the Keystone and Great Seal are two torches that represent the light of knowledge, both present and future, which we acquired at PMC.

Surrounding both the Keystone and Great Seal are a wreath of garland. This stands for the motto of PMC, “Virtue, Liberty, and Independence.”

Ring topThe single star found between the words Pennsylvania Military College is symbolic of the stars of the states in the field of the American flag and its purpose – Union. Before graduation the star faces inward. After graduation it faces outward.

The ring is made of gold, a symbol of honor and respect for our beloved institution.