Robert Clifford ’65

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Robert A. Clifford
Class of 1965
2nd Battalion (Airborne), 502d Infantry, 101st Airborne Division, USARV

Silver Star for his exemplary leadership, bravery and devotion to his men. On 16 May 1967, 1st Lt. Clifford was ordered to provide assistance to a beleaguered patrol in the Duc Pho, Quang Ngal Province. His mission was to evacuate casualties while maintaining contact with the enemy until reinforcements arrived. Upon making contact with the patrol, Clifford maneuvered his platoon to a location that allowed them to fire upon the enemy. Two attempts at rescuing a wounded man in an area exposed to heavy fire only resulted in more injuries. Clifford then ordered his men to provide covering fire while he charged through the area to reach the wounded man. He carried him to safety and administered medical aid. He returned to his platoon and then called for artillery and supporting fire in order to evacuate all of the wounded. As the medevac helicopter landed it came under heavy enemy fire and was forced to take off before the wounded could be loaded. Clifford deployed part of his platoon and personally directed fire on the enemy until the wounded could be evacuated.