PMC Band

Band image from paperFrom the earliest origins of the school, the Drum & Bugle Corps and, later, the PMC Band were at the center of campus life. When Theodore Hyatt founded the Delaware Military Academy in 1858 -1859, among the faculty was Richard Triggs with the title of Professor of Vocal and Instrumental Music. Drums, fifes and bugles were there too. In 1864 the legendary Professor John Robson Sweney, a former Union Army bandmaster with the Third Regiment Delaware Volunteers Band, came to Pennsylvania Military Academy and re-organized the fife, drum and bugle squad.

During the history of PMC and its predecessor institutions there were numerous student musical organizations. Often, though, the school hired professional bands to play for formal events and important parades. PMC’s Drum & Bugle unit performed often, as well. Everything changed in 1935. Under the direction of Professor John Norris Robinson ‘84 the modern PMC Marching Band was launched with just fourteen cadets.

Over the years, the PMC Band achieved much state and national recognition that endured until the Corps ended. The Band performed at many major events, including the New Orleans Mardi Gras, the New York St. Patrick’s Day parade, Norfolk Azalea Festival, the U.S. Army War College and for Philadelphia Eagles football fans. In 1965, the Band won the National ROTC Band Association’s Marching Competition phase at the New York World’s Fair and claimed the title as the #1 ROTC Marching Band in the Nation.

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