Junior Ring Dance

Ring centerpieceThe PMC class ring has been a cherished memory of every cadet’s years at the school. The “Junior Ring Dance” was the long-awaited event for cadets. At the dance, members of the Junior Class received the coveted college ring, were officially recognized as upperclassmen, and given a greater responsibility in the Corps.

The Hyatt Armory was always beautifully decorated for what many considered to be a social highlight of the year. Upon entering the armory, Juniors were received by the College President, Commandant of Cadets and members of the military staff. Although the armory was always decorated, the center of attention was the nine-foot high replica of the PMC ring. As the name of each cadet and his date were called, they walked through the ring. Here the cadet had his own ring placed on his finger by his date. After receiving his ring, and a kiss, the couple walked through an arch of drawn sabres held by Seniors..

Prior to 1961, the replica of the ring was borrowed from Valley Forge Military Academy. For several years, the Student Council worked tirelessly on obtaining a replica of the ring for the use by successive Junior classes. The A.J. Schmidt Company of Chester made the frame of the ring. In 1963, a committee of Juniors completed the ring and artwork.

Maynard FergusonAfter the ring presentations, the capacity crowd spent the rest of the evening dancing to the music of renowned orchestras. Members of the Class of 1962 were able to entice Maynard “The Boss” Ferguson and his 16-piece orchestra to play at the Junior Ring Dance. The performance of the band enthralled many on the dance floor. In fact many couples stopped dancing near the end of every song to listen mellow tones of the brilliant Ferguson, who ranks as one of the most influential musicians in the history of Jazz.