John Drupa ’66


John Drupa
Class of 1966

4th Battalion, 31st Infantry, 196th Light Infantry Brigade (Separate), Task Force Oregon, USARV

Silver Star for gallantry during a night assault against an entrenched and well armed enemy. Pinned down due to intense enemy fire positioned on dominant the terrain, Lt. Drupa, quickly realized the precarious position and heavy casualties suffered by the lead platoon. He promptly positioned his platoon for attack. As his platoon advanced he started to remove the wounded. He then moved from position to position and organized a withdrawal despite the intense enemy fire. During this firefight, he was continuously exposed while he pulled four wounded soldiers to safety and killed two snipers that were trying to prevent the evacuation.

Bronze Star w/Valor for heroism during an intense enemy attack. In support of the lead platoon, which had come under intense small arms fire and grenade attacks, Lt. Drupa flanked the lead platoon and continue the attack. This allowed for the evacuation of wounded soldiers from the lead platoon.