Football 1888: Undefeated, Untied and more

The first college football game was played in 1869 between Rutgers University and Princeton University. Rutgers won by a score of 6 to 4. By the 1890s football was recognized as a major college sport. In the early days, football was uncomplicated. The plays were simple and the strategy was elementary. Tackling below the waist was not allowed and running backs used the straight arm most effectively.

In 1888, PMC fielded a very talented team. They played well as a team and experienced no serious injuries during the season. As important, the Corps of Cadets and their friends attended many of the games. These factors contributed to the cadet squad going undefeated and untied, and even more impressive, no opponent crossed its goal line during the entire 9 game schedule.

PMC continued to field competitive teams. In 1933, under the direction of Coach “Jud” Timm and the play of “Reds” Pollack, the football team was again undefeated. The only team to score on the PMC eleven was West Point. During that game, the Cadets held the undefeated and untied Army eleven to two last quarter touchdowns in what some call the finest football game played by the school.

PMC 16 U. of P. Reserves 0
PMC 14 Haverford College 0
PMC 56 Vineland College 0
P.M.C 20 Tioga Athletic Association 0
P.M.C 6 Princeton Reserves 0
PMC 6 University of Pennsylvania 0
PMC 12 Johns Hopkins University 0
PMC 48 Belmont Athletic Association 0
PMC 22 Delaware Field Club 0