Cadet Corps Commanders

First Captain 2The Cadet Corps Commanders, called First Captains after Eisenhower’s 1963 visit, were the highest-ranking Cadet. They were the personification of the PMC Cadet. In the eyes of Rooks, they were “God-like figures.” To the Upper Classmen, they were responsible for maintaining the morale and standards of the Corps as well as keeping the bond of trust with the Military Staff.

A selection committee, consisting of the Military Staff was responsible for selecting the new First Captain. This group prepared a slate of candidates and, after a series of meetings, the leadership of the Corps was decided and presented to the President of PMC.

The criteria for selecting a new First Captain consisted of:
1. A Cadet’s performance during ROTC Summer Camp
2. The military record of the Cadet at PMC
3. Academic Standing (a GPA of 2.5 was required)
4. Demonstrated, or potential, leadership qualities

Leadership, however, was the critical factor that was often considered the most important.