Battery Robinett

Pennsylvania Military College LegacyIn 1963, a group of PMC cadets interested in furthering their knowledge of artillery organized Battery Robinett. The Battery was named in honor of Second Lieutenant Henry C. Robinett, ‘60, who distinguished himself at the Battle of Corinth by displaying courage and valor in the face of overwhelming odds.

With a matching grant from the PMC Alumni Association, the Battery, commanded by Cadet Captain William A. Whittaker, ’65, raised money for the purchase of a Civil War artillery piece. While Battery Robinett wanted to obtain a 20-pounder Parrott gun, a replica of the type used by Robinett at Corinth, Captain Philbrook, the group’s advisor, suggested a replica of the Parrott cannon be purchased so that it could be used during the Boardwalk Bowl football games in Atlantic City.

French 75 mm crop out soldierMembers of the Battery, dressed in their Civil War era field artillery uniforms, were to called on to fire at Corps ceremonies and other events. As interest in the Battery and the Civil War waned, only a small group of cadets carried on the tradition. Every evening the Battery fired the French 75 mm cannon located in front of Old Main to signal retreat before the Corps marched to dinner. At home football games the Battery fired a volley after each PMC touchdown. Members of the Battery were also responsible for cleaning and maintaining of all equipment. During the summer, the tube of the replica cannon was stored in the basement of Old Main.