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The Pennsylvania Military College Legends represent the threads of the fabric that bind us to PMC. Because the fabric is strong, our bond will always continue.

This page contains the stories of all legends in all categories with the most recently added article first. Easily navigate through the many stories using either the dropdown menu, or by clicking on the tabs below to expand the list of stories in each category.

Notable Cadets

    Herb Amey ’35 (Bravery on Tarawa)
    William John Wolfgram ’43
    Richard O’Malley ’38 (The Iron Major)
    Henry Clay Robinett
    Edmund Cook (PMC’s First Casualty In WWI)
    Richard Mulhern ’71 (Eagle Flight)
    Sylvanus Morley ’04 (Agent 53)
    Walter Layer ’32 (A Distinguished Alumnus)
    John Lance ‘Jack’ Geoghegan ’63
    Zadoc Aydelotte, Fallen Leader
    Dennis Isom ’66 (Ambush in Plei Trap Valley)
    Larry Liss ’63 (Rescue at Cau Song Be)
    Carl Schaubel ’30 (Coach and Soldier)
    Cadets During the Gettysburg Campaign
    Tumbelston ‘07 and the Tools of Ignorance
    All American “Reds” Pollock
    John Tilelli ’63 (A Soldier’s Soldier)
    David Wilson ’66 (Convoy Ambush)
    Joseph P. McCaffery ’27 (A Marine Raider in the Pacific)
    Thomas Merendino ’41 (Heroism During D-Day)
    Evans Kayser ’65 (Gallantry in Vietnam)
    Wilfred F. Farrell ’39 (Prisoner of War in Nazi Germany)
    James Spurrier ’40, Emery Hickman ’40, William Dudley ’42 (From the Polo Field to the Battlefield)
    William Tumbelston ’37 (Silver Star)
    Honorary First Captain: Dwight D. Eisenhower
    Thomas Anderson ’42 (Heroism During WWII and Korea)
    Bill Stern ’30 (Broadcasting Great)
    Charles F.B. Price ’02 (WWII Marine Commander)
    Manie Sacks (Pied Piper of the Stars)
    Burt Mustin ’03 (Character Actor)
    Walter Reasor ’64 (Viet Cong Rocket Attack)
    Joseph LoPrete (A Marine on Iwo Jima and in Vietnam)
    Russell A. Freas, Jr., ’41 (Battle of the Bulge)
    Jesse W. Roberts ’36 (Battle of the Bulge)
    Edwin A. Howell, 1890 (Howell Hall)
    George Bjotvedt ’51 (Scout Dogs)
    Walter D. Fetterly ’29 (The Liberator of Stalag IX-B)
    John Grant ’65 (A Marine aboard Stars & Stripes)
    Hugh F. McCaffery, Jr. ‘24 (Army Air Corps)
    Gordon M. Bettles ’10 (Philippine POW)
    Judge George T. Cann, 1885 (No Ordinary Cadet)
    George B. Christian, Jr., 1896 (White House Insider)
    Percival G. Lowe, 1883 (Scout Commander)
    John W. Loveland, 1867 (Alumni Association)
    George M. Studebaker, 1885 (“Studebaker Tigers”)
    Two Cadets Join the Spanish-American War
    George H. Webb, 1880 (Distinguished Railroad Man)
    Frank B. Wood, 1899 (Storyteller)
    John L. Fancourt ’43 (Capture and Escape)
    Major Benjamin S. Berry ’02 at Belleau Wood
    Eugene L. Melchoir ’49 (PMC’s First Korean War Casualty)
    Joseph A. Minturn, 1880 (Camoufler)
    Churchill B. Mehard, 1902 (Brigadier General)
    Frank W. Jakob ‘41 (Combat Infantryman)
    Major General Irving J. Carr, Class of 1897
    James C. Hobart Jr., ’16 Determined to Serve
    Julius T. Conrad, Class of 1887 (Cavalryman)