Anthony M. Coggeshall ’65


Anthony M. Coggeshall

Anthony M. Coggeshall
Class of 1965
269th Aviation Battalion, 1st Aviation Brigade, USARV

Bronze Stat w/V for heroism in ground combat after his aircraft was disabled by enemy ground fire and forced to land. After landing in a rice paddy, First Lieutenant Coggeshall deployed his crew along a dike while they were still under heavy enemy fire. From this position, he directed the crew to engage the enemy to protect the aircraft and secure a pick-up (PZ) zone for an evacuation helicopter. During pauses in the firing, he directed the crew to strip the aircraft of radios and armaments, and collected wounded from the supporting infantry unit. He then brought in the evacuation aircraft, still under enemy fire, and carried two wounded infantrymen to the rescue helicopter. With the loading of his crew wounded and equipment and armament from his helicopter the evacuation was complete.

Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism while performing a critical resupply and medical evacuation of wounded under intense enemy ground fire. After dropping off a case of smoke grenades, First Lieutenant Coggeshall orbited the landing zone until four wounded infantrymen were ready for pickup. After landing, he was forced to remain exposed to enemy fire due to difficulties in moving the wounded. During the 10 minutes in the landing zone, he was unable to return fire due to the disposition of friendly forces.

Distinguished Flying Cross (OLC) for heroism while supporting an infantry unit that had been ambushed and surrounded by the Viet Cong. First Lieutenant Coggeshall’s company was required to perform an emergency resupply mission at night to provide the beleaguered unit with aid. Lt. Coggeshall demonstrated outstanding flying ability and courage while repeatedly delivering ammunition and evacuating causalities during the battle.